Hello readers,

Many people have difficulties in speaking English, especially when it’s not their native language.

I’ve been asked plenty of time how I managed to master it, so, why not sharing my experience with you and giving you the tips I followed to be pretty good at English.

But first, I’d like to mention some of the reasons why people fail to get fluent in it :

  • Excuses“I’m not good with languages”, “I’m too embarrassed to                         speak”, “I don’t have time”, “I need to go to an                                           English speaking country”…

  • We tend to look for quick and easy ways to learn it. Well sorry to disappoint you, but I lied in the title. You can’t learn any language Overnight !

    No worries though. Here's my story: 

It all started around 8 years ago,  I was still in high school when I became conscious about the fact that I was so bad at English. I didn’t use to understand a simple word. English class was obviously my bugbear, and I hated it. I realized the big importance of this language and then was so convinced that I had to do something about that. I had to improve my level.keep-calm-and-learn-english

I had a serious talk about that with my two sisters, and at the end we came up with this decision: We had to say one English word in a whole speech (said in our native language) when talking to each other, Every Single Day.

          We sticked to our deal, and day by day, we added more English words to our speeches, then tried a whole sentence, then two, then three… Few months later we noticed that we were so able to tell a whole story in English ! More, we started speaking at home in English only, because it became as a walk in a park to us, and still.

         Besides doing this, we kept watching lots of american movies, chatting on social networks in English, writing as well as reading novels.

          I promise that it’s not that hard. It only requires determination, dedication & commitment to yourself.

           It’s going to take you some time, but it’s absolutely going to be worth it.

          Thus, what I would recommend you, is to do the same. However, If you live alone and have no one to talk to regularly….then just talk to yourself ! At least you’ll feel at ease and not embarrassed.

    So, what are you waiting for ? It’s your turn Now !

  Let them hear you say YES when you’re asked this kind of question :

Break a leg !