Many questions cross my mind that I can never know the answers.

   Why loving to make fun of others? Why nobody minds his own business anymore? Why so many haters out there? Are we really free & have the right to do WHATEVER comes to our mind without being judged ? Or should we just go with the flow and be led like sheep to the slaughter !?

If I seized the opportunity to cross the T’s and dot the I’s of it, it’s because I want to see change in people. I believe in a better tomorrow, where everyone can live with a peaceful mind.

«We no longer live in a nation in which we can mind our own business. My business is your business, and vice versa» — unless, that is, we’re engaged in an activity that tears down family: personal convictions and education. For instance, If I’m a simple citizen, reproaching a thief man, I have no right to invoke “mind your own business.” Conversely, if I’m a thief, I can invoke “mind your own business” all day long — even if I’m making my business your business by engaging your “reactions”.

The idea is still ambiguous, but…

Here’s the thing:

The only basic for a peaceful mind is:

  •  The Individual Freedom:

We’re all humans. We’re different. We think differently. We live differently. We love differently. Some are religious, others are not.Some are outgoing, others are introverted.

The only thing that unites us is our humanity.

Is there a specific lifestyle that All people have to follow then? Just imagine how would the world be if we all thought in the same way? dressed up in the same way?  lived in the same way? .. Wouldn’t that be boring? 


So, I think we should all believe in the individual freedom. Everyone is so free to do whatever comes to his/her mind, unless it won’t bother or hurt the others. As the philosophical quote says: “One person’s freedom ends where another’s begins”. Further, disagreements and opinions should be respected. It’s a truth spoken that if we can all agree on one specific idea, we would easily make a step forwardHowever, if X has to think like Y, and Y has to think like Z, there will be no progress in ideas. It’s obviously our differences, beliefs, contrasted point of views that creates the charm of our coexistence .

Last but not least, mind your own business & stop disappointing people who are looking for success. Do good for yourself instead.

Finally, Stop writing people’s lives !

Best regards.