A couple months ago I’ve been to one of the World’s most visited cities: BARCELONA.

So, I decided to share with you in the following article the beauties of the very few places I’ve been to, since I only stayed there for like 3 days. (Which was definitely NOT enough!)

DAY  I :

Starting with the hostel where I stayed & that I highly recommend to all of you: it’s “Yellow Nest Hostel”. Here are 3 good reasons to book a room in it:

  1.  People out there are so friendly, they’re mostly young travelers.
  2. Its price is so convenient especially for…poor students like me 😀 *puppy face*
  3. It takes three minutes only to reach the Camp Nou Stadium.

I had rest during my 1st night there, since it took me 6 hours to arrive from Montpellier (France).


The first place I visited was the Camp Nou Stadium. Actually, I only walked past by it, took few pictures and left, since I’m not a fan of football or Messi or Cristiano or whoever…

While taking pictures, I received a phone call from the architect “Anthony Gaudi” telling me to come over & meet him up at PORTA De La Finca Miralles…I DID.

As you can tell in the 2nd picture, I was listening to his speech very carefully. He suggested me to visit one of his greatest designed architectures: La Sagrada Familia, which is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona. I went right away to see it. It was literally so picturesque and fascinating.

My next destination was : El Puerto de Barcelona. You can check the slideshow below :

The most wonderful thing there was the Cable car which is on top of the water. It was overcrowded & I just couldn’t wait so long to reach my turn..

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The last thing I went to at the end of that 2nd day was the ARENA OF BARCELONA. You pay 1 euro to take an elevator that gets you on top of the building, to enjoy the amazing view of the city from upstairs .

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New day & the last one. The following pictures were taken in Montjuïc. It’s a broad shallow hill with a relatively flat top overlooking the harbour. It’s pretty tiring to reach the top of it, especially in a very hot weather.. But once get there, you just enjoy that magical view.

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In this last slideshow, you’ll see few pictures of “The Cathedral of Barcelona, in addition to the “Triumphal Arch”, “Las Ramblas”, followed by some random photos that I just wanted to share with you.

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As you may notice, 3 days are not enough to see all the places out there. But it’s never too late to visit these remaining places one day: PortAventura, Parc Güell, Casa Batllo, Casa mila, the Aquarium…and more.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this free little trip. Now you should get some rest until I’ll let you know when to bag pack for our next destination.

Peace up !