It’s universally acknowledged that all types of sport boost your brainpower and melt away stress. So, being active regularly will help to get you in shape and become the best physical version of yourself.

If you need then some motivation to start working out, in case you’re still hesitating, (especially girls), then this article will help you.

1. The Joy Factor:  

 “Yes, yes, I know all about it, that’s the thing with the endorphin that makes you feel good and why we should exercise and stuff, right?” That’s what I can hear myself say to someone bringing this up. That should say it all. When you train and stay active on a regular basis, it’s not just a coincidence that you feel less stressed out, less anxious, and generally happier.


2. “You’d rather be fit and healthy than skinny and hungry” 

Do you want to be able to have 5 healthy meals per day and be fit, or around 3 light meals and feel weak?  It’s all up to you then 148689225167602689_tnyi9ust_c                                      

3. Burn Fat Faster : 

Indeed, workout remains the best activity that will make you burn fat way too fast, loose weight and become toned. So, by boosting your metabolism on a regular basis by training, your body starts burning calories even when you’re resting (while sleeping or just sitting on your chair). It’s true !


4. Do it for Results: The “Whoa, Look What I Can Do” feeling :

Trust me, there’s nothing better than surprising yourself and others with the self-improvement you’ve done. I’ve gone from not being able to do one push up to being able to do sets of 20 ones or more. It only requires determination, and a strong belief that you can do it. I’ll give you later few tips about how I’ve learnt to do so.


It’s actually the good results that keep you motivated. It feels great to see your own progress: muscles growing, or abs, or a straight up back and a good looking shape. 

5. Don’t let stereotypes affect you :

It’s easy to fall into the trap : “Don’t go heavy, it will make you look bulky”, “Weight training will make you shorter”, “Workout is only for men” … and so much more.

Here’s what I do whenever someone says these kinds of myths: “I cover my ears like a kid, when their words mean nothing I go LA LA LA, I turn up the volume when they speak...”. If you know what I mean.


6. Get ready for your “Summer body”: 

It says it all ..

7. Have fun when you workout and it won’t feel like work:

You don’t have to be so serious when training: listen to music, try new moves, train with a partner, or aim for an outdoor workout


8. Get a good posture:

Your posture says a lot about your personality. It also says a lot about how your muscles are working. Imagine a strong, powerful, confident person standing in front of you. What kind of posture does that person have? Undoubtedly, the person is standing tall with an open chest and a head held high. It’s a person who looks ready to take on the world. You can be that person too.

9. Love your body & take care of it

Last but not least:


This could be the 10th reason to train:

So, in case you got motivated but somehow you just can’t afford a gym membership, my next article will interest you. I’ll show you few equipment that you can easily use at home or in a park or anywhere else.