Hallo netizens,

I’ve been travelling these past couple of months around Europe.

So, today’s article is going to be about one of my weeks spent in The Netherlands.. the land of dreams, indeed.

These two pictures say it all. In general, this country is known for mills and flower fields. It’s easy to get relaxed when you’re surrounded by all nature, with fresh air, and such a colorful view. It gets so priceless !

Let’s go deeper and visit more specific cities. Starting with a city in the province of South Holland named “Gouda“. Does it remind you of something? Exactly. This city is famous for its Gouda cheese sold worldwide.

I bet you’re impatient to see how does the city look like. Here you go :

As you may have noticed, all the city is actually built on water. Same goes for all Netherland cities, which makes them special than any other European country.

Get ready now to see the capital, Amsterdam !

The only thing that blew my mind about Amsterdam is that there are many families who actually live on their houseboats instead of apartments. A houseboat has everything a normal house has: a living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, bathroom and often a small terrace. The only difference is that the owners live on the water and see the canal tours and other boats pass by their window. FABULOUS !!

You know that you can always have fun in this land. If you want to know what I’m talking about, you should definitely go to The Efteling park ,which is a park of attraction where you can try some of the World craziest roller coasters. I’ve almost tried everything and definitely felt the adrenaline rush I talked to you about in my very first article. Honestly I can’t say more, the following pictures describe everything:

 Last but not least, you can’t simply go to the Netherlands without visiting  The La Haye court” or “Den Haag” in Dutch from the inside.

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In the main entrance in which you have to go through, there are some agents who are responsible for the identity control, by showing them your passport and getting rid of all the accessories like: keys, jean belt, smartphone…etc, exactly as if you’re at the airport. It surprised me somehow since it’s only a court.. but anyways.

Well, that’s all for today’s article. I hope you’ll like the places I’ve been to exactly as the way I did.

Thanks for reading. Peace up!