Fantastically Liberated

Walk beside me, by reading my center of interests


Hey everyone,

“Promenade du Peyrou – Montpellier”                                             I’m Asmae, a Moroccan girl and I am 21 years old. I’ve just graduated from The University of sciences of Montpellier with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanics. Currently studying for a Master’s degree in Modeling and Simulation in Mechanics.

I’m  fluent in these 3 languages: Arabic since it’s my native language, English, French, and currently learning Korean and Dutch.

I’m also so passionate about traveling, exploring new places and making new friendships worldwide, besides, I have an adventurous spirit.

Longchamp Palace – Marseille
Promenade du Peyrou – Montpellier

So basically, it’s because of these reasons and other ones that I finally decided to run this website to share with you, dear readers, my center of interests, such as : travels, extreme sports, languages, workouts, self-development, adventure, studies.. etc.

“Efteling park ” – The Netherlands

Why “Fantastically liberated” ?

Simply, because I find it the perfect way to describe myself.

Liberated” from stereotypes, negative judgments, following the rules, nonsense traditions…

As for the “fantastically” word: being rebel in a nice way, made me choose that adverb. It means that if I’m not convinced of a certain ideology, then I don’t mind refusing it, which makes me so fantastically liberated.

I don’t want to cut corners; I’ll let you discover what I’m talking about through my articles.

So, I wish you a happy constructive reading.

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